'Always believe in yourself, and gravity!'


a bit about me:

My name is Elise Hampton. I recently graduated with a PhD in Astrophysics but I spend my days working as a Data Scientist with Teradata in Canberra. The career switch came about during my PhD where I built an Artificial Neural Network to help with data prep for the SAMI and S7 data reduction pipelines. Since then I found I enjoyed machine learning so much that I wanted to make it my career. 

Whilst studying my PhD I found that I loved giving presentations. This lead me to the 3 minute thesis competition in 2013 and to many conferences and outreach events since then. I love giving presentations and teaching. Because of this I have the opportunity to train customers in ASTER (SQL) at Teradata and continue to give presentations on Astronomy, and now Data Science. 

My love of presenting may have developed out of my love of cosplay. I can often be found around Australia, mostly Canberra, dressed as a super hero or princess supporting local charities and events or attending sci-fi conventions.

Even though I am no longer in academia I still have time for research. Presently I am working on an algorithm to identify bullies in text. It's a work in progress but I enjoying trying to get it to work and I think it would be a great way to stop the online bullying epidemic.

My goal in life is to help change the world. I'm only one person but I think if there are enough of us to work together we can really help shape the coming generations, so they don't have the struggles we had. I would love to continue helping make science accessible to everyone, especially children, including the science of computers and computer programming!