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Welcome to With Dr Elise J Hampton. I am a Data Scientist/Astrophysicist/Public Speaker/Mum/Cosplayer/Blogger/So much more. This is my very own blog filled with unique and engaging content about Data Science, Astronomy, and other related areas.

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There's a Dr in the Apartment!

I've graduated with a PhD! Last week was the final event in the 'Adventures of a PhD Candidate' where I attended the graduation ceremony...

Shopping for Friends

It feels like only yesterday when we had to physically go outside to make friends. Now we can do it from behind a desk! But is making...

The wrong tool for the right project?

Machine learning might look like it is the solution to all the world’s problems. It’s being used to predict people’s online habits for...

'Hello World!'

'Hello World!' - This is the first thing every programmer prints to screen when they start using a new programming language. Why? Because...

The art of writing

Many of us will have read a book that you just can't put down until you are at the end. This is the sign of a good story. A story that...

Exam time at ANU

It is the end of Semester 1 here at The Australian National University (ANU). Students are working hard to finish their final assignments...

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