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Welcome to With Dr Elise J Hampton. I am a Data Scientist/Astrophysicist/Public Speaker/Mum/Cosplayer/Blogger/So much more. This is my very own blog filled with unique and engaging content about Data Science, Astronomy, and other related areas.


Shopping for Friends

It feels like only yesterday when we had to physically go outside to make friends. Now we can do it from behind a desk! But is making friends online the same as making friends out in the world? There’s definitely more relaxed rules about who you can be friends with, and much easier to not be friends with someone, online. But are the social media algorithms giving you a better or worse choice of friends than if you went out to an event? We start making friends from a pretty y

The wrong tool for the right project?

Machine learning might look like it is the solution to all the world’s problems. It’s being used to predict people’s online habits for online shopping, used in identifying faulty machinery for manufacturers, and even used in determining how many houses you should look at before you buy one. But surely not every problem can be solved with the same tool? Machine learning (ML) encompasses a vast number of different types of algorithms. What they have in common is their ability t