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Welcome to With Dr Elise J Hampton. I am a Data Scientist/Astrophysicist/Public Speaker/Mum/Cosplayer/Blogger/So much more. This is my very own blog filled with unique and engaging content about Data Science, Astronomy, and other related areas.


That's Not My Reusable Algorithm....

For anyone with a young child you'll be familiar with the 'That's not my..' board books. My 1 year old is obsessed with them! She's particularly loves 'That's not my Kitten'. For those of you who have not had the fortune to be indoctrinated into these books, they follow a repetitive pattern. There are several 'That's not my [kitten]; It's [tummy] is too [fluffy]' and finally finishes with 'That's my [kitten], It's [fur] is so [soft]'. Each page has something that can be touch