Career Profile

I am a Data Scientist at Teradata and I have recently (2018) completed my PhD at the Australian National University in galaxy evolution. I have a passion for public speaking and teaching as well as a love for computer programming and pushing the boundaries of research. 


During my career so far I have worked as a research scientist in various areas of astronomy including high-energy astronomy, supernova searches, and galaxy evolution. This has lead me into the world of machine learning, which inspired my most resent project to build and use an artificial neural network to facilitate more efficient and effective data analysis involving thousands of galaxies. From this experience, I have become passionate about machine learning because of the way that we can use it to impact the world by how we interact with large data. This has lead me onto the next step in my career as a Data Scientist.


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Computing / Programming

Initiative and Problem Solving


Teamwork and Leadership



PhD (2013 – 2018) 

Honours (2012)                            

BSc (2009-2011) 

Career Summary
Data Scientist (Teradata)

2017 - present

Summary of Role

​I am a Data Scientist at Teradata (Canberra office). My role is to work with large quantities of data to determine possible solutions to problems and find new problems to solve.


Achievements and Responsibilities

  • ​Solving 'Big Data' problems

  • Data Engineering

  • Data Wrangling

  • Teamwork

  • Working with businesses to explain business problems and solutions

  • ASTER (SQL) trainer

PhD Candidate at Australian National University (ANU)

2013 - 2018

Summary of Role

​I am currently a PhD candidate at the Australian National University. I am working under the supervision of Professor Lisa Kewley on galaxy evolution. This includes working with the SAMI and S7 integral field spectroscopic galaxy surveys. My research is in differentiating between star formation, AGN, and shock emission in merging galaxies. My research has also included a study into the uses of machine learning, which resulted in building an artificial neural network to solve a time consuming problem.


Achievements and Responsibilities

  • Working in small and large teams of Astronomers

  • Proposing research projects

  • Learning programming languages to achieve best results of data analysis

  • Writing research papers

  • Applying Machine Learning to data sets of thousands of galaxies

  • Presenting research at international/domestic conferences


Tutor and Moderator for Australian National University (ANU)          


Summary of Role

I have been an online tutor for the ANUx courses on Astrophysics as well as a High School tutor for the ANU Extension course and a tutor for 1st year physics.


Achievements and Responsibilities

  • Teaching ‘back of the envelope’ physics for 1st year Physics students

  • Coordinating High School student face-to-face tutorials at ANU for the High School extension course

  • Keeping students appraised of upcoming deadlines

  • Answering student questions and engaging other lecturers and tutors in the students’ problem solving

Guest Lecturer for 1st Year Physics Electromagnetism

October 2015

Summary of Role

I was given the opportunity to guest lecture in Paul Francis' electromagnetism course at Australian National University. I gave two lectures on electromagnetic flux and momentum flux leading towards solar sails and a lecture on the polarisation of light; it's everyday uses and use in Astronomy.


Achievements and Responsibilities

  • Design online lectures for edge.edx

  • Giving 2 lectures with recordings at the Australian National University

  • Proposing lecture questions to gage students understanding of the subject matter

  • Practical demonstrations​



Summer Internship at Mt Stromlo Observatory

2011 - 2012 (2 months)

Summary of Role

I was accepted in the Summer Scholar program at ANU to work with Dr Richard Scalzo and the Skymapper team. Here I undertook analysis in python using Source Extractor. I worked on identifying supernova in Skymapper observations. 


Achievements and Responsibilities

  • Worked with initial SkyMapper data to identify possible supernova

  • Began working with an artificial neural network to define non-linear sources


Summer Internship at Australian Astronomical Observatory (AAO)

​2010 - 2011 (3 months)

Summary of Role

I was accepted into the summer program at the AAO to work with Dr Sarah Brough on brightest cluster galaxies. I learnt to use IDL and LateX along with gaining an understanding of the statistical analysis needed to understand why brightest cluster galaxies are so big.


Achievements and Responsibilities

  • Attended 2 observing runs at the Siding Spring Observatory in Coonabarabran

  • Gave project presentation at the Australian Astronomical Observatory


Service Assistant at Coles

​2006 - 2012 (5 years)

Summary of Role

During High School and my undergraduate degree I worked at the local Coles supermarket. My role was as checkout operator. 


Achievements and Responsibilities

  • Time management to complete both homework and work at Coles

  • Interacting with people at all levels 

  • Multitasking by serving customers and talking to them

  • Diplomacy in working with difficult customers

PhD Candidate - Australian National University
2013 - 2018



I graduated with a PhD in Astrophysics from the Australian National University. I was working under the supervision of Professor Lisa Kewley on galaxy evolution. 

Course work

Astrophysical gas dynamics and high energy astrophysics, observational techniques, galaxies, stellar physics, astronomy programming, and diffuse matter.


Honours in Physics - University of Adelaide




Using a Chandra X-ray observation I studied a local starforming HII region to look for evidence of TeV energy particle acceleration under the supervision of Dr Gavin Rowell. 

Course work

Quantam mechanics, general relativity, atmospheric physics, electromagnetism, electronics, optics, particle theory, astrophysics, and thermodynamics.


Bsc. Space Science and Astrophysics - University of Adelaide

​2009 - 2011



Majors in physics and theoretical physics with electives in computer science.

Course work

Physics, quantum physics, electromagnetism, optics, astronomy, geology, atmospheric physics, differential equations, fluid mechanics, and computer science.

Extracurricular Certificates

​2013 - present


​To increase my own knowledge and to extend my own skills I have attended extracurricular events such as extra courses.


  • Tutoring and Demostrating 10 module course - 2015

    • Course covers the UK standards of teaching, including different teaching methods, assesment, learning differences, uniqueness of students, tutoring, lecturing, and group work.

  • Tutoring and Demostrating for Science - 2015 

    • A one day course covering the basics of tutoring at ANU in the sciences

  • Machine Learning online course from Stanford MOOC - 2014

    • An online course held on EdX. Course covered linear regression, support vector machines, and artificial neural networks. I learnt how to build, test, debug, and optimise them in the programming language Octave.

  • Science Communication - 2014 

    • ​A 2.5 day course covering different forms of communication in science. These included giving presentations, writing for the media and writing for science.

Conferences Attended

2011 - present


  • Astronomical Society of Australia Annual Scientific Meeting July 2016 - Sydney; Presented talk on 'The Machine'

  • ADASS 25 October 2015 - Sydney World Square; Presented talk on artificial neural network 'The Machine' 

  • The Fate of Gas in Galaxies 2014 - Durham UK; Presented talk on Composite Galaxies

  • Astronomical Society of Australia Annual Scientific Meeting 2014 - Sydney; Presented talk on Composite galaxies

  • Astronomical Society of Australia Annual Scientific Meeting 2013 - Melboure; Presented updated poster on Honours research

  • Astronomical Society of Australia Annual Scienctific Meeting 2012 - Sydney; Presented poster on Honours research

  • Astronomical Society of Australia Annual Scientific Meeting 2011 - Adelaide; Atendee, michrophone runner

Public Speaking Engagements

2013 - present


  • Mt Stromlo Christmas Seminars 2018 - Mt Stromlo Observatory; Talk: 'When I Grow Up' a presentation on Data Science as a career option for Astrophysists

  • Zonta night among the stars October 2016 - Mt Stromlo Observatory; Talk: 'My research'

  • STARFEST October 2016 - Siding Spring Observatory, NSW; Talks: 'A Tourists Guide to the Solar System: The Inner Planets' (kids talk) and 'What do you mean the Death Star Won't Work?' 

  • Mt Stromlo Public Night September 2016 - Mt Stromlo Visitors Centre; Talks: 'What do you mean the Death Star won't Work?'

  • Mt Stromlo Public Night August 2016 - Mt Stromlo Visitors Centre; Talk: 'A Tourists Guide to the Solar System' (kids talk)

  • Giralang Primary School talk June 2016 - Giralang Primary School; Talk: 'The things that go bump in the night - when galaxies merge'

  • Canberra Astronomical Society November 2015 - Mt Stromlo Observatory; Talk: 'Merging Galaxies'

  • Mt Stromlo Public Night 2015 - Mt Stromlo Visitors Centre; Talk: 'When Galaxies Merge'

  • STARFEST October 2014 - Siding Spring Observatory, NSW; Talk: 'When Galaxies Collide'

  • Canberra Sunday Assembly 2013 - ACT; Talk: 'The inspiration of merging galaxies'

  • Trans-Tasman 3MT final 2013 - University of Greater Western Sydney; Talk: 'Merging Galaxies'

  • ANU 3MT final 2013 - Australian National University; Talk: 'Merging Galaxies'




2012 - present


​Throughout my research career I have learnt the importance of being able to use my skills in persuasuve writing to apply for scholarships and grants to fund my research and conference travel. 


  • Duffield Scholarship 2015. Awarded to two PhD students who's research is original and has impact in the relevant research field

  • Zonta Women in Astronomy Scholarship 2015. Awarded to a female PhD student at RSAA who shows research potential, a passion for outreach and a willingness to work with Zonta to help empower women in the ACT

  • Alex Rodgers Travel Grant 2015 for travel to Rhodes College in Memphis TN to work with collaborator Dr. David Rupke on galactic scale winds in merging galaxies

  • Best Science Talk at Mt Stromlo Xmas Seminars 2014

  • Vice Chancellors Travel Scholarship 2014 for travel to 'The fate of gas in galaxies' conference in Durham UK to present a talk on my research on composite galaxies

  • Space Plasma and Astrophysics Scholarship 2014 for travel to Rhodes College in Memphis TN to work with collaborator Dr. David Rupke on galactic scale winds in merging galaxies

  • Best Talk Overall at Mt Stromlo Xmas Seminars 2013

  • Winner of RSAA, CPMS, and ANU rounds of the 3 minute thesis competition

  • Ferry Scholarship 2012 to help with studying honours


Graphic Design



​In 2015 I began to do some graphic design work for my team at Mt Stromlo Observatory, from this I have done several other team logos for groups at Mt Stromlo Observatory. 


  • logo/banner for Mt Stromlo Stargazing World Record Event (2015)

  • logo for KEGS: Kepler Extra-Galactic Survey (2015)

  • logo for GEARS 3D: Galaxy Evolution, Analysing Radiative Sources in 3 Dimensions (2015)


Writing Experience


​Being able to write, and write well, is an extremely important skill to have in any job. 


  • International blog posts for Teradata International

  • PhD Thesis

  • Research papers and conference proceedings (see next section)

  • Editor of SAMI Galaxy Survey Newsletter for 7 editions

  • Avid member of National Novel Writing Month (2013, 2014, 2018)

    • Across the world people write 50,000 words in one month. My experience is writing fiction novels.


Research Papers
(published/accepted and 1st author)
Dissecting Merging Galaxies Using Integral Field Spectroscopy
E. J. Hampton (December 2017), PhD Thesis
Chandra Observations of HII Complex G5.89-0.39 and TeV Gamma-ray Source HESSJ1800-240B
E. J. Hampton, A. M. Medling, B. Groves, L. Kewley, M. Dopita, R. Davies, I.-T. Ho, M. Kaasinen, S. Leslie, R. Sharp, S. M. Sweet, A. D. Thomas, J. Allen, J. Bland-Hawthorn, S. Brough, J. J. Bryant, S. Croom, M. Goodwin, A. Green, I. S. Konstantantopoulos, J. Lawrence,  Á. R. López-Sánchez, N. P. F. Lorente, R. McElroy, M. S. Owers, S. N. Richards, P. Shastri, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (2017)
Chandra Observations of HII Complex G5.89-0.39 and TeV Gamma-ray Source HESSJ1800-240B
E. J. Hampton, G. Rowell, D. Horns, Y. Uchiyama, S. Wagner, J. High Energy Astrophys. (2016)
Using an Artificial Neural Network to Classify Multi-component Emission Line Fits
E. J. Hampton, B. Groves, A. Medling, R. Davies, M. Dopita, I.-T. Ho, M. Kassinen, L. Kewley, S. Lesilie, R. Sharop, S. M. Sweet, A. D. Thomas, SAMI Survey Team, S7 Team
ADASS Conference proceedings (2015)
Chandra Observations of HII Complex G5.89-0.39 and TeV Gamma-ray Source HESSJ1800-240B
E. J. Hampton, G. Rowell, D. Horns, Y. Uchiyama, S. Funk, S. Wagner, H. E. S. S Collaboration, 
Conference Proceedings (2012)